Between Reality and Virtuality: The Evolution of Hybrid Museums

Between Reality and Virtuality: The Evolution of Hybrid Museums
Visoric Makes Art Interactive and Hybridly Experiential, e.g., with the New Mixed Reality Glasses from Apple, the Apple Vision Pro

Photo © Visoric: Enjoying art in the digital age. Featured The Art Universe by Kaleido, 2024.


Rediscovering Art with “The Art Universe by Kaleido”

Spatial Computing opens a door to new art experiences with “The Art Universe by Kaleido”. Available exclusively for the Apple Vision Pro headset, this app invites you to experience art in a way that reinterprets visiting a physical museum.

  • Art in a New Light: Enjoy artworks in unprecedented size and quality.
  • Virtual Gallery: An exclusive selection of contemporary artists awaits you.
  • Interactive Experience: Virtually place art in your space and interact with it.

Experience the works as if you were right there – an immersive dimension made possible only through Spatial Computing.


The Art Universe by Kaleido on Apple Vision Pro

“The Art Universe by Kaleido” – Experience Art Like Never Before.

Photo © Visoric: Discover contemporary art in “The Art Universe by Kaleido” app, exclusively on Apple Vision Pro, 2024.

The following chapters will showcase the diverse ways in which Spatial Computing is changing the art world and what new experiences and perspectives this opens up for museums, artists, and art lovers.


Full-Size Artworks: The Revolution of the Museum Experience

Experience paintings so brilliant and lifelike as if you were standing in a renowned gallery. Through high-quality mixed reality headsets, masterpieces are augmented right before your eyes in their original size – a quantum leap in digital art presentation.

  • Immersion in Art: Augmented reality brings museum quality to any space.
  • Digital Masterpieces: High-resolution representations that deceive the eye.
  • Tangible Cultural Heritage: Interact with art as if you were wandering through the halls of a real museum.

This new technology is a game-changer for art lovers and museums worldwide.


Museum Experience through Mixed Reality

As If Standing Before the Original – Paintings in Mixed Reality.

Photo © Visoric: High-quality mixed reality headsets make it possible to experience artworks in impressive size and brilliance, 2024.

In the next chapter, we explore how these technological advances not only change the way we consume art but also how they are reshaping the preservation and dissemination of cultural heritage.



Making the Future Tangible: Apple Vision Pro and Spatial Computing

Spatial Computing is radically changing our interaction with digital content. It encompasses technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR), which overlays digital information onto our real environment, Virtual Reality (VR), which immerses us into entirely digital worlds, and Mixed Reality (MR), which blends these two worlds together. The Apple Vision Pro headset is an example of Spatial Computing that seamlessly integrates the physical and digital worlds, creating entirely new experiential spaces.

  • Augmented Reality: Augments our real world with virtual aspects.
  • Virtual Reality: Transports into a completely digital environment.
  • Mixed Reality: Merges reality and virtuality for a unique experience.

This immersive technology is key to advanced experiences in education, work, and of course, art.


Apple Vision Pro and Spatial Computing

Experience Technology That Connects Worlds – The Apple Vision Pro Headset.

Photo © Visoric: Apple Vision Pro, the flagship for Spatial Computing, 2024.

In the following chapter, we will explore how creatives can produce immersive 3D content and 360-degree videos to fully leverage the possibilities of Spatial Computing.


Virtual Exhibition Spaces: The Art of Digital Presentation

Visoric’s virtual exhibition spaces usher in a new era of art communication, accessible around the clock. With photorealistic representations and interactive elements, the XR Stager platform allows for a profound cultural experience that knows no bounds. Experts from Munich bring digital twins of real exhibits to life, thus extending the physical museum experience into the infinite.

  • Boundless Availability: Exhibition spaces open 24/7 offer art without opening hours.
  • Immersive Technology: Experience 360° videos and interactive 3D models.
  • Digital Twins: Photorealistic reproductions create lifelike experiences.

These innovative exhibition spaces serve as an ideal complement to traditional museums and demonstrate Visoric’s expertise in realizing forward-thinking projects.


Interactive Exhibition Space

Digital Yet Real: Visoric’s Photorealistic Exhibition Space.

Photo © Visoric: Explore the online walkable showroom, designed with XR Stager, 2024.

Next, we introduce the creative forge behind these spaces and examine how the Visoric team creates these digital worlds and what new possibilities arise for the representation and interaction with artworks.



Pioneers of Hybrid Experience: Visoric’s Expert Team

Visoric’s expert team is at the forefront of hybrid exhibition and trade show experiences. Equipped with the latest AR, VR, and Mixed Reality technology, including the holographic displays Proto M and Epic, as well as advanced headsets like Magic Leap 2 and Meta Quest 3, they create innovative spaces for art and presentation that set new standards.

  • Innovative Technology: Utilizing cutting-edge AR and VR tools for vivid experiences.
  • Interdisciplinary Expertise: A team that combines know-how from various disciplines.
  • Shaping the Future: Developing pioneering concepts for the Metaverse and beyond.

The combination of advanced devices and Visoric’s expertise enables the creation of fascinating worlds that are both entertaining and educational.


Expert Team for Hybrid Exhibition Experiences

Experts for Interactive Exhibition Worlds – The Future is Now.

Photo © Visoric: Discover the technological innovations by Visoric’s expert team, 2024.

In the final chapter, we take a look at how these technological advancements are relevant not just for exhibitions and trade shows, but also how they can offer transformative experiences for educational institutions and businesses.


Video Insight: Art in the New Age

Experience how Visoric brings art to life in the Apple Vision Pro. “The Art Universe by Kaleido” demonstrates how hybrid exhibition experiences and expertise from Munich are setting new standards in digital art presentation.

Video © Visoric: Insight into “The Art Universe by Kaleido” captured with the Apple Vision Pro, 2024.

If you are ready to enrich your art world with the latest technologies, we invite you to fill out our contact form and connect with the experts at Visoric. Together, we can lead your museum or exhibition into a new era.

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