On the Way to CES 2024: How XR Stager Shapes the Future of Extended Reality, AI, and the Metaverse

On the Way to CES 2024: How XR Stager Shapes the Future of Extended Reality, AI, and the Metaverse


On the Way to CES 2024: How XR Stager Team’s Innovation Shapes the Future of Extended Reality, AI, and the Metaverse


The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, taking place from January 9th to 12th, 2024, is a hub for groundbreaking technological innovations. Ulrich Buckenlei, Digital Strategist, CEO of Visoric, and head of the XR Stager® development team, will be there to discuss his latest ideas with partners and startups. As a visionary in the field of Extended Reality (XR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the Metaverse, he brings profound insights and innovative approaches.

The XR Stager® Cloud Solution Platform, programmed and designed by Visoric GmbH, was launched in early 2023 after several years of development. It enables companies to easily and safely design, deploy, and scale Extended Reality experiences and corporate metaverses without needing design or programming skills.

In our exclusive interview with Ulrich Buckenlei, learn more about the forward-thinking plans in the field of Extended Reality, AI, and the Metaverse.


Impressions from CES 2023 in Las Vegas (USA).


Interview with Ulrich Buckenlei (MBA), Digital Strategist and CEO of Visoric


XR Stager Newsroom Team:
Mr. Buckenlei, what are your expectations for CES 2024 in Las Vegas regarding developments in Extended Reality and AI?

Ulrich Buckenlei:
CES 2024 is a stage for groundbreaking innovations. Particularly in the field of Extended Reality and AI, I expect advanced solutions that offer not only entertainment but also industrial applications. For example, extended reality systems could be used for training simulations in manufacturing, which are both cost-efficient and risk-free.

XR Stager Newsroom Team:
How will XR Stager be presented at CES, and how does it fit into the industrial context?

Ulrich Buckenlei:
We will demonstrate how XR Stager offers simple and intuitive solutions for complex challenges. In industry, our system, for instance, enables visual planning and simulation of workflows, leading to a more efficient and safer work environment.

XR Stager Newsroom Team:
How important is accessibility in the development of XR solutions?

Ulrich Buckenlei:
Accessibility is a key principle. We design solutions that are accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical background or physical abilities. An example is intuitive user interfaces that can also be operated by people with limited mobility.

XR Stager Newsroom Team:
What sets XR Stager apart from other platforms in the field of Extended Reality?

Ulrich Buckenlei:
Our USP is the combination of user-friendliness and performance. We enable users to create impressive Extended Reality experiences without prior knowledge in programming or design.

XR Stager Newsroom Team:
What role does XR Stager play in the future of digital transformation?

Ulrich Buckenlei:
I see XR Stager as an essential tool to advance digital transformation across various sectors. It opens new avenues for interaction, communication, and learning, both in entertainment and in industry.

XR Stager Newsroom Team:
What vision do you pursue with XR Stager in terms of the industrial Metaverse?

Ulrich Buckenlei:
Our goal is to create a Metaverse that serves as a digital extension of the real work environment. Here, companies can simulate and optimize their processes and provide employees with an immersive learning experience.

XR Stager Newsroom Team:
Finally, what message would you like to give to the participants of CES 2024?

Ulrich Buckenlei:
I encourage everyone to recognize and seize the opportunities offered by digital technologies. The future is now, and we have the chance to actively shape it.

XR Stager Newsroom Team:
Thank you, Mr. Buckenlei, for these profound insights and the time you took for this interview. We wish you a good journey and an inspiring and successful time at CES 2024.


Editorial and Digital Strategist in Conversation: From left to right Nataliya Daniltseva, Editorial Head of XR Stager, alongside Ulrich Buckenlei (MBA), the Digital Strategist.


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