Visoric GmbH Recognized as a Future-Oriented Employer

Visoric GmbH Recognized as a Future-Oriented Employer
Photographer: Visoric GmbH / Ulrich Buckenlei

Awarded as Employer of the Future

This Tuesday, Visoric GmbH in Cologne was granted a special honor. The company received the “Employer of the Future” award from the German Innovation Institute for Sustainability and Digitalization. The formal accolade was presented by the former Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, Brigitte Zypries. Visoric GmbH combines technological excellence with a corporate culture that promotes innovations such as the digital twin and the Industrial Metaverse, while simultaneously treating the needs of the employees as a priority.

  • Innovation Leader: Visoric GmbH is recognized for its forward-looking technologies in the field of digital twins and the Industrial Metaverse, as well as for its employee-centered management.
  • Honored by Brigitte Zypries: The award is presented by a distinguished personality, underscoring its significance.


Accompanying Program at the DUP ENTREPRENEUR DAY

Alongside the award ceremony, the DUP ENTREPRENEUR DAY offered a diverse supporting program. Among the speakers was Timotheus Höttges, CEO of Deutsche Telekom, who delivered a keynote. This provided a platform for fruitful exchange and networking among the leading minds of the industry.

  • Insights into Quantum Technology: Dr. Alexander Glätzle provides a rare insight into the practical application of quantum technologies in business.
  • Keynote by Timotheus Höttges: The CEO of Deutsche Telekom shares his insights and promotes dialogue on future challenges.
  • Networking: The event served as a meeting point for decision-makers and innovators.



The day was filled with talks and interviews by experts and industry leaders. The program offered plenty of opportunities for participants to exchange views on current topics and make new contacts.

  • Program: The day included insider talks, expert interviews, and a panel discussion with renowned personalities.
  • Award Presentation: The highlight of the day was the award ceremony, where Visoric GmbH was also honored.


Photographer: Offenblende/Andrej


Award Presentation to Visoric Managing Director

The Managing Director of Visoric GmbH, Ulrich Buckenlei (MBA), personally accepted the “Employer of the Future” award. The award was presented by Brigitte Zypries, the former Federal Minister of Economic Affairs and Energy, highlighting the significance of the honor for the company and its leadership. The prize, awarded by the German Innovation Institute for Sustainability and Digitalization, not only recognizes the innovative approaches of Visoric GmbH in terms of sustainability and digitalization but also the commitment and leadership skills of Mr. Buckenlei.

  • Ulrich Buckenlei (MBA) in the Spotlight: The Managing Director embodies the innovative spirit and future-oriented vision of the company.
  • Prestigious Presentation: The awarding of the prize by Brigitte Zypries emphasizes the high recognition Visoric GmbH receives.
  • German Innovation Institute for Sustainability and Digitalization: The institution stands for progress and annually honors outstanding achievements in these fields.
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